Jubilee Anniversary Concert Celebrates Collaboration of Wind Orchestra and Chorus, by Grace of God

15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert15th anniversary Orchestra & Chorus Concert

Jul 08, 2017


Saturday evening, on July 8, 2017, Jubilee World hosted its 15th anniversary classical concert. The concert features the conductor Ms. Elke Overton, a professional winds octet (consisting 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, and 2 horns), and Jubilee Chorus of 12 singers. Audience from Jubilee World and from the general public attended the concert with eagerness. With beauty and grace, the musical collaboration witnessed the majesty and glory of God. 

The wind octet, conducted by Ms. Elke Overton, performed the arranged compositions of "The Magic Flute" and "The Marriage of Figaro," both renown works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These opera pieces were arranged so ensembles of smaller sizes can perform them, even on the streets. The Jubilee wind octet delivered these timeless works with grace and elegance. Melodies of brilliance surrounded the chapel and invited roars of applause. 

Jubilee member, Rachel Meyer, wowed the audience with a beautiful rendition of "The Love of God." The song was written by Jubilee leader, P. Hyejin Jun. Rachel's voice, at times proclaimed, at times whispered, that the love of God is deep and gracious, measureless and strong. One chorus member testified, "'The Love of God' is a beautiful song. No matter where you are on your path of faith, the love of God speaks to you."

Following was the Jubilee Chorus, accompanied by Ms. Catherine Burge. Chorus performed "Here I Am, Lord." The song echoes prophet Isaiah's willing response to God's calling. The poignant melody and lyrics expressed prophet Isaiah's, and ours, devotion. "Here I Am, Lord, it is I, I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, if You lead, I will hold your people in my heart." In the song "Why We Sing," the wind octet joined the choir. The collaboration of classical and contemporary musicians testified of the peace and glory of God. 

Jubilee New York member, Bex De, shared joyfully after the performance. "Every time when I'm with Jubilee, whether serving or observing, I always feel blessed. It's like revisiting a scripture of the Bible. Every time you read a passage, you receive different grace." 

Thank God for pouring down His grace and mercy to allow a wonderfully organized classical program. Families and friends, as well as Jubilee World leaders, sat in the audience, touched by the overflowing grace of God. All glory and praise to God alone, amen. 



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