Jubilee Uploads Piano Hymn Regularly on YouTube, Spreads Grace of God and Forms Income Source

when I survey the wondrous cross

Feb 21, 2018


Jubilee recently uploaded piano hymn "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" on YouTube. Jubilee leader, P. Mifa Kim, recorded the beautiful hymn with piano, hoping to share the grace of God through timeless melodies. The poignant song encouraged listeners to fix their eyes on the cross of Jesus, where his precious blood cleansed all sinners as white as snow before God. 

As Jubilee builds its channel on YouTube, there is a strong potential to develop it as a business model and a source of income. YouTube policy states that an account user can monetize when he/she gains over 1,000 subscribers. It is Jubilee's prayer to use the digital media site for the glory of God, through continuously spreading the gospel with music and through monetizing to build up the mission field. Listeners are encouraged to click "LIKE" and "SUBSCRIBE" buttons to support Jubilee's channel, so that it can grow to be a beautiful vessel of God. 

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (LINK



Latest News

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    On May 8th, ministers in New York gathered to make first acoustic version of recording with voice over piano. It is for the purpose of introducing new songs to church members, and to the album project committees of each country to be considered for their next recordings.

  • Jubilee China “Only Cross” MV First Preparation Meeting Confirming Work Division

    On April 29th, after the Sunday Service, three Jubilee staff and two members had a meeting to process the MV production of Jubilee album song "Only Cross", and confirmed the work division. The lead singer Yibai will be the actor of MV, while Jin Fang be the MV director and Miriam will be responsible for editing and cutting the video.

  • Jubilee Worship Australia Releases Easter Concert Video

    Jubilee Worship Australia released Easter concert video which performed on April 1, Easter Sunday. The video is filled with the moment all people praise risen Lord together. Many people reflected to the video that they could receive a lot of grace.