Jubilee China “Only Cross” MV First Preparation Meeting Confirming Work Division

Jubilee China “Only Cross” MV First Preparation Meeting Confirming Work Division

May 02, 2018


On April 29th, after the Sunday Service, three Jubilee staff and two members had a meeting to process the MV production of Jubilee album song "Only Cross", and confirmed the work division. The lead singer Yibai will be the actor of MV, while Jin Fang be the MV director and Miriam will be responsible for editing and cutting the video. 

Since Jubilee publiced the album "Only Cross" last year, the songs gave many people hope and strength. Through the song's MV, Jubilee China hopes that the song can be heard by more people and encourage more people. Since this is the first time for Jubilee China to make a MV, staff didn't have many ideas about how to make it. Thanks for God's rich preparation. The lead singer Yibai had some experiences before, and there are MV director and photographer too. If Jubilee China find outside professional photographers to make the MV, it will spend at least 20,000 RMB per day, which is far beyond what Jubilee China can bear. 

Next Thursday, on May 4th, staff will had the second MV preparation meeting. May God greatly bless the whole MV production process. 



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