Jubilee Mongolia Held Pentecost Worship in Grace

Jubilee Mongolia Held Pentecost Worship in GraceJubilee Mongolia Held Pentecost Worship in GraceJubilee Mongolia Held Pentecost Worship in Grace

May 25, 2018


On May 24th, Jubilee Mongolia held its Pentecost worship. They have practiced and prepared for this worship for a month, but there were no place and music instrument. However, in time, God has made a way for them, therefore, they are full of gratitude.

They praised God with joy and Jubilee dance team performed beautiful dance and other showed especial performance which they have prepared. Jubilee leader Tungaa shared from Acts 2:17 that God looks at our heart more than our outward appearance. Let's meet with this God through this worship and be the coworkers of God to heal music industry and be the one who are according to the heart of God.

There was a new brother who performed traditional dance melody on guitar and brought joy to others. After worship members shared that we are truly happy to give worship in a bigger place such as this. Even though we haven't practiced here, God led the praise and worship. Another sister who serve her church shared that I wish to train new members well and grow them in giving worship more. 




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