Jubilee Worship Tour Begins Journey of Revival in God's Grace

Jubilee tour

Feb 01, 2019


By God's grace, the first stop of Jubilee worship tour will be held on February 5th, 7pm in SF campus. Jubilee Worship Tour is projected to begin in February. Since last year all Jubilee members have been praying for this, in His timing God has provided an opportunity.

Jubilee SF rep, Binyu Zhao, and Jubilee HQ staff, Dorothy Li, have been networking and arranging for this event, and Jubilee Worship members, including Erin Oakley, Marcus Lundin, Shawn Pang, and Gonzalo Ramirez, have prepared spiritually and musically for this momentous event.

It is the beginning of many destinations to come. The loving God is ready and faithful to pour out His love and mercy unconditionally through this event. Jubilee prays that, together with SF members, they can prepare their bowls to receive Him by faith.

May Jubilee World be used as a holy vessel to comfort God's people in dire times of needs and thirst. As well, pray for members in San Francisco to experience renewal and healing through unconditional praising to the Lord Jesus Christ. May Jubilee Worship Tour produce praises that reach the heavens and touch God's heart, and that many fruits will be born in San Francisco for the Kingdom of God.




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