Jubilee World Looks Ahead to 2021 for a New Year of Hope and Professional Developments

Jubilee World 2021 Goals

Jan 17, 2021

Jubilee World greeted the new year with renewed hope and strategies. Looking back to the past year's fruits and growth, Jubilee released the key goals of 2021 with heartfelt repentance and a determination to remain in Christ and witness abundant fruition. 

Jubilee formulated the key goals under 8 main categories, identified in order to grow Jubilee World into a professional music ministry and shine in the maintream Christian music scene in year 2021.

The 8 main categories are:

(1) Membership Total Increase;

(2) Impactful Music Production and Mass Evangelism;

(3) Youth Education and Expansion, paving a path for youth's life-long devotion to serving God and His Kingdom with their talents through Jubilee World.

(4) Professional Production and Technique Development;

(5) Music Business strategies;

(7) Artists' Network and Professional Development as Music Organization;

(8) Worldwide Expansion and Mission.






Latest News

  • Jubilee World Acquires New Campus

    Jubilee World has acquired the 43-acre Wentworth Military Academy (WMA) campus for its new educational wing, starting the 2020-21 academic year.