Music & Performing Art Fellowship
In the finale of psalms, the scripture speaks of praising the LORD, with diverse instruments.
Jubilee Orpheum Theater
Providing the stage for music and performing arts.
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Praise & Worship

providing the stage for music and performing arts. The theater will be restored keeping intact it's history and splendor.

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We hold regular fellowship meetings in order to help artists have a deeper understanding of the Word of God.

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We offer its students an educational experience like no other, geared toward and focused completely on their future in ministry.

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Jubilee has a commitment in providing excellence and exceptional talent with an unwavering vision to glorify God and his name.

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Jubilee Spotlight

Our Ministries

Jubilee Symphony Orchestra

Jubilee Symphony Orchestra provides wide opportunities and experience for its members in rehearsals, trainings, fellowships, and performances.

Jubilee Chorus

Jubilee Chorus is a classical choral ministry devoted to give opportunities for Christians with classical backgrounds to serve God and to have fellowship with other musicians.

Jubilee Worship

Jubilee Worship is a Christian music fellowship comprised of individuals passionate for the Lord and gifted in contemporary music.

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Jubilee Dance

Jubilee Dance is a fellowship of passionate dancers who dance for the glory of God and serious about proclaiming the message of God through the performing.

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Jubilee Music

Jubilee Music is a Christian music agency. Simply speaking, it is like integrating Christian themes in other popular music entertainment agencies.

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Jubilee Cast

JubileeCast is the largest and most extensive online source for Christian music in the nation.

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Performance Venues

Jubilee Orpheum Theater

The "Orpheum Theater" in St. Louis, this 1700 seating theater is the first class venue for Jubilee World and the St. Louis community providing the stage for music and performing arts. The theater will be restored keeping intact it's history and splendor.

Jubilee World Center

Located in the "Jubilee World Center", this 400 seating chapel features wonderful architecture, acoustics and atmosphere for services and worship.

Jubilee Auditorium

Located in Nashville, TN "Music City", our concert venue provides the stage for our members to perform and worship through the performing arts.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.”

[ Psalm 150:6 ]