Jubilee World Appoints New Orchestra Director, Ptr. Dan Presgrave

Ptr. Dan Presgrave

Jul 10, 2023

Jubilee World sets up its newest orchestra director, pastor Dan Presgrave. Mr. Presgrave graduated cum laude from Ohio University with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Theory, and received his Master of Music degree and completed course work for a Ph.D. in conducting and performance practice at Washington University. Mr. Presgrave served for four years as solo trumpet player with the Air Force Band of Mid-America. As an active performer in the St. Louis area, he held the principal trumpet position with Saint Louis Philharmonic Orchestra for nine years, and performed with the Galant Ensemble, the orchestra for Opera Theater of Saint Louis, the Philharmonic Brass Quintet and the Metropolitan Orchestra of Saint Louis.

In 1972, Mr. Presgrave joined the music faculty of Washington University where, in addition to teaching instrumental conducting, he was the music director/conductor for the Washington University Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. In 2010 he was appointed interim Orchestra Director at University of Missouri-St. Louis. After retirement, pastor Dan and his wife, Pam, moved to Apollo Beach, FL, where they currently reside and serve as a pastor and pastoral counselor at the local church and community. 

Pastor Dan has worked with Jubilee World since 7 years ago, when he was first invited to conduct two iconic Chrisitan classical pieces "Be Strong in the Lord" and "Emmanuel." He assembled passionate musicians to play in the orchestra for Jubilee World's 14th Anniversary (without a single penny spent), and he continued to serve Jubilee World as a mentor on classical performance throughout the years. 

Jubilee World approached pastor Dan and invited him to the 21st Anniversary this year. When invited to be the Jubilee World orchestra director, pastor Dan nodded gracefully and said, "It would be my honor. Thank you for this opportunity, because I will be doing what I love every single day."

Pastor Dan will be directing the Jubilee Symphony Orchestra in St. Louis for major events such as Easter, General Assembly, and Christmas. With numerous years of audition experience, he will also begin the classical players audition process promptly with Jubilee World, to prepare for the upcoming Christmas concert. 

With a passion for teaching, discipleship, and counseling, pastor Dan also expressed interest to be an honorary faculty for Jubilee University. At a lunch meeting, he met with Dr. Martin Zhao, the director of Olivet University St. Louis, to begin the conversation. Residing in Florida and frequently traveling to St. Louis, pastor Dan was delighted to learn of the university locations and teaching possibility in St. Louis, MO, Lexington, MO, and Orlando, FL. 
 Glory to God! 

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