Jubilee Malaysia Held Outreach Event, Strengthens Fellowship & Testifies Christ

Jubilee Malaysia - Jubilee Fit Outreach Event

May 09, 2017


Expanding the door to share the Gospel, Jubilee Malaysia organized a one-day outreach event recently at Kuala Kubu Bharu which is about an hour drive away from the capital city.

Organized under its Jubilee Fit ministry which serves to proclaim Christ through the art of praise dance, the participants have a graceful fellowship time together during the outreach event, as they built a closer relationship with each other and with God.

Considering the majority of the participants are non-believers, the Jubilee representative took every precious opportunity to share the gospel and her personal testimonies to the members throughout the journey.

During the event, the participants enjoyed a graceful time embracing the nature, fellowship with one another, in addition to a time of prayer led by the representative.

Reflecting on the event, the Jubilee Malaysia representative, Sister Casslyn shared, "As we plan to hold more outreach events in the future, we want to allocate more time for Christian members to share about faith. We hope that other members can open their hearts to share their personal struggles in daily life. Such an event truly can act as a channel to bring them one step closer to God."

"We also have the thought of creating another group to gather members who are Christians to study God's Word. I believe that eventhough they may not be passionate Christians, however they have the heart to share the Gospel," she continued.

Recognizing this as a good start of something greater to be led by God, Jubilee Malaysia will continue to follow up on them actively after the event. May the Holy Spirit continue to work in the hearts of the Jubilee Fit members to know Jesus Christ and His Gospel.



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