Ministries | Jubilee World

Jubilee Chorus

Jubilee Chorus is a classical choral ministry devoted to give opportunities for Christians with classical backgrounds to serve God and to have fellowship with other musicians. Jubilee Chorus consists of many choral teams with different groups of people, which host regular events and tours, both on the local and regional level.

Jubilee Dance

Jubilee Dance is a ministry of Passionate dancers who dance for the glory of God and serious about proclaiming the message of God through the performing.

Jubilee Symphony Orchestra

Jubilee Symphony Orchestra is an orchestral-focused branch of its parent ministry, Jubilee World. In the finale of Psalms, the scripture speaks of praising the LORD with diverse instruments. Jubilee Symphony Orchestra provides wide opportunities and experience for its members- in weekly rehearsals, trainings, fellowships, and performances. This is a place where the love of Christ and the love of music coexist in harmony and share this common interest with others with the same passion.

Jubilee Worship

Jubilee Worship is a Christian music ministry comprised of individuals passionate for the Lord and gifted in contemporary music. Jubilee Worship night is on a mission to change the culture of this world with a movement that help change lives. Jubilee worship strives to take further steps to launch the album, DVD and special projects.

Jubilee Music

Jubilee Music is a Christian music agency. Simply speaking, it is like integrating Christian themes in other popular music entertainment agencies

The Jubilee School

The Jubilee School is the premier training ground for future generations of Jubilee World leadership. With its unique philosophy of theory and practice, The Jubilee School offers its students an educational experience like no other, geared toward and focused completely on their future in ministry.

Jubilee Kids school

Jubilee Kids strives to provide a supportive learning environment for infants, toddlers and kids of all backgrounds and levels of ability and serves its community through high quality education and programs that will enrich the quality of the lives of all participants and their families.