Jubilee Worship Australia Starts The Project of Making Its Original Songs

Jubilee Worship Australia Starts The Project of Making Its Original SongsJubilee Worship Australia Starts The Project of Making Its Original Songs

Apr 12, 2018


On April 9, Jubilee Worship Australia held its regular fellowship and rehearsal. 

While the Bible sharing time, they meditated on the fourth blessing of the Sermon on the Mount. They could deeply understand that being hunber and thirst for righteousness means waiting and hoping for the kingdom of God, and seeking His Kingdom should be the first to believers. After the meditation on the message, they prayed together that living for His kingdom to be priority over all things in their lives.

During the rehearsal, they tried to make their original song. One member wrote lyrics themed with cross and simple melodies. Members actively joined modification of some parts of melodies and harmonies. Till they can complete the song, they'll continually work together.  

After the Easter concert, all Jubilee members testify that God binds them with one heart, and they can feel God leads the ministry with His mighty hands. Let's pray that they can see how God uses this ministry for His glory.



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