Jubilee World Releases New Music Videos of 16th GA Special Performance

Jubilee World Releases New Music Videos of 16th GA Special Performance

Jul 20, 2018


At the 16th General Assembly, by God's grace, Jubilee World produced music videos to commemorate the gathering.

The special performances featured two Jubilee originals: "Do You Know the Meaning of the Cross" by Jeremiah Roh and Nathanael Lee (music arrangement by Brian Kim), and "Look At Us" by Brian Kim. Guest performers are singer Erin Oakley (Jubilee collaborator), pianist John Lin (Jubilee Youth), and a string quartet based in St. Louis. May God use this multi-media production to bring healing and grace to His beloved. 

Click--->Do You Know the Meaning of the Cross? (Live Performance)

Click---> Look At Us (Live Performance) 



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