Jubilee World Joins WEA-MC GC23 in Thailand

WEA global consultation 2023

Feb 06, 2000

As a long-term affiliate ministry of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Jubilee World was graced to join WEA's Mission Commission (WEA-MC) Global Consultation 2023, (GC23) which was held in Thailand from January 30th until February 3rd. 

The inter-denominational gathering with global mission leaders was originally going to be held in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. Its aim was to build on the conversation from the previous conference in Panama in 2016, with the theme "Our Missions Future," with the goal to find the best approach to "Cross-cultural Missions," to understand the way of our Lord, and to live in the Kingdom of God for God's glory.

The event was filled with grace and the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer, communion, and devotions, along with diverse programs of lectures and discussions on different issues in mission fields. The presence of diversity in participants brought meaningful contributions to each conversation during the event, which brought eye-opening angles to be shed on important matters in the mission's future to be through and through. 

A leader from Jubliee who attended GC23 shared the reflections on the privilege to have deep fellowship with God-called mission-oriented global leaders, along with well-prepared treasure-like lectures and discussions on important agendas in today's mission field, which gave much inspiration on the ministry's next move in this era. 

Just as many changes have taken place since the pandemic, so has Jubilee's approach to the harvest field that the Lord has prepared. With the knowledge and experience gained from WEA-MC GC23, Jubilee leaders hope to find the most effective ways to communicate the gospel and contribute to the global mission, as they continue to serve singers, musicians, and many others in the performing arts industry. 

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