Jubilee Guest Lecturers Impart Biblical Wisdom, Linked with Musical Leadership


Jul 09, 2017


At Jubilee World General Assembly, guest speakers were invited to deliver lectures to Jubilee members and leaders. The lecturers each spent an hour telling their stories and sharing their experiences found in walking with Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Dan Presgrave delivered a powerful speech to Jubilee members. An established orchestral conductor and founder of the St. Louis wind symphony, P. Dan led a successful life in his mid-twenties. In the midst of earthly glory, he gave in to the addictions of this world, for there was always an emptiness. At the point of utmost despair, he cried out, "God, help me!" Jesus has saved his life from that day. 

P. Dan opened up to Jubilee World about his past, to illustrate the central point of his message: what it means to be in Christ and the power that comes from that identity. Drawing from Ephesians 1 and Romans 5:6, he said that Christ came to us at just the right time, when we were utterly helpless. What does it mean to be in Christ? James 4:10 states that when we bow down and admit to God our dependence on him. The music leadership resides in that, the power and will to call on the name of the Lord in the midst of hardship. God will answer our prayers when we have the proper motivation, to bring Him glory. P. Dan, a reformed drug addict, alcoholic, and atheist, thoughtfully encouraged Jubilee World. 

P. Miriam Chou gave a precious lecture to Jubilee World by sharing her hardships and triumphs in Christ. She referenced Ephesians 6:10-20, where Paul exhorts believers to equip themselves with the power of God. The members and leaders of Jubilee World face hardships in ministries, because it is a fierce spiritual battle. In coworking, in program development, in personal faith. As Jubilee grows, the enemy also sows his seeds among us (Matthew 13:24-25). The way to sharpen our tools, first and foremost, before any practice and worship, is to be the sons and daughters of God. That is whom God has made us to be, before the titles of "musicians" or "artists." We ought to take care of our spirits, through the Spirit of Truth. The Word of God is the good seeds, while wrong emotions and thoughts can be the weeds that grow in our hearts. P. Miriam exhorts members to be alert and be equipped by the Word of God in this constant spiritual battle. 

Jubilee World is thankful to have musical and spiritual leaders to share their wisdom during the celebration of general assembly. May Jubilee World members take to heart their encouragements and wisdom.



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