Jubilee Song Project Finally Moved Its Step To The First Recording

Jubilee Song Project Finally Moved Its Step To The First Recording

May 22, 2018


On May 8th, ministers in New York gathered to make first acoustic version of recording with voice over piano. It is for the purpose of introducing new and existing Jubilee songs to church members, and to the album project committees of each country to be considered for their next recordings.

Recording environment was set up even without purchasing additional equipment, through Jubilee HQ member's help during his visit to Dover.

While 2 songs were recorded this time, more songs are expected to be written, and recorded, with more instrumental arrangement, in order for worship ministers to sing and play in their locations, and possibly in their languages.

Worship ministers in New York hope this project to ignite the mission field of both Jubilee World and churches around the world, by songs in English that reflect the culture of body of Christ, represent deep love of God that we have received, and give strength and comfort to those who are walking the path of faith with God's dream. 




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